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Important information

If you click on the 'Buy' button on one of our memberships below, you'll be asked to 'Sign up' before you pay. All you have to do is add your email and a password. That's it. You're finished!
If you don't want to do this, just add your email in the box below. We need your email to send you a receipt and to contact you if you win our giveaway.


If you have a gift card code or any other code, you can add that after clicking the 'Buy' button.



    Every year
    For the future collector
    • Only 4,9 € each month
    • Golden badge
    • Voting right in the weekly Golden Giveaway
    • High quality football analysis
    • Email the same day as new products are released
    • Newsletters

    Every year
    For the collector that wants several of our products
    • Only 8,3 € each month
    • Diamond badge
    • Voting right in the monthly Diamond Giveaway
    • High quality football analysis
    • Email with option to buy two days before product release
    • 3% discount on all our products
    • Newsletters

    Every year
    For the collector that wants all of our products
    • Platinum badge
    • Email with option to buy four days before product release
    • 5% discount on all our products
    • Access to buy items marked "Platinum members only"
    • VIP customer service

Is the Giveaway included in the membership?

Our giveaway is not something you pay for. It is an extra feature that we provide to our members at no extra cost.

Why is the platinum membership so expensive?

Our platinum membership is only for a handful of our customers.

As we are the only company in the world who delivers framed and verified sport memorabilia with a light and modern design and information about the accomplishments the athlete achieved that season, there is a high demand for our service. 

When someone with a solid bank account starts to collect our products, it is natural for them to want to expand that collection with unique and rare memorabilia.

Some legends like Ronaldo and Messi are still alive, and it is still hard to get a verified signed product from them. Now imagine acquiring verified signed memorabilia from someone who is not with us anymore. That is even harder.

But when we do that, and a rare and unique product arrives at our store, our platinum members are informed and have an opportunity to buy it from our collection.

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