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Why would you lease and not buy?

If you have a company with a solid economy, we now offer the possibility to lease a framed and signed shirt from us.

But, if you have the funds to buy, why would you consider leasing? The answer is simple. Very simple!

When you lease a framed and signed shirt from us, you have the opportunity to replace the item every month, every second month or every third month - depending on which price plan you chose.​​

So instead of committing to just one item for life, you can change between several players throughout the year. You can have Messi hanging on the wall for two months, then Ronaldo for two months, then Lewandowski, Benzema, de Bruyne and Haaland.

Meeting rooms, barbers, hairdressers, pubs

​If you work in an office, and you have a big client or a big potential client coming in next week, that you for example know is a die hard Chelsea fan, you can impress him by leasing our framed Chelsea 2011-2012 home shirt, signed by Didier Drogba - the season that Chelsea won their first Champions League ever. When you are on our leasing plan, you can change that signed Chelsea shirt to a different team, when a new important client is set to drop by.

If you own a pub, you can lease a framed and signed shirt from the team that your pub supports, or if your pub is neutral, you can change the shirt to suit the weekend's big game. If you own a hairdresser, car dealer, dentist or you're a doctor,

leasing suits a lot of businesses. Could it be something for you?​

Our leasing price

The price will depend on how many times in a year you would like to replace the item.

Our lowest price is at just €350 a month, where we change the framed shirt every third month. Every second month comes in at €450 and every month will cost you €550.

To big companies with a lot of important customers coming in every week, we also offer leasing deals with replacements once or twice a week.

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